Products And Services...
      We manufacture and supply superior range and variety of electrical control panels products.
    We use high quality standard materials as per client's need.
      Our products are highly appreciated by our clients for their strength, performance, power efficiency and        safety.
Our Products
LT Panels AC / DC Distribution Board
MCC PANELS Change Over Panel
APFC PANELS Dimmer Jet Control Panel
AMF PANELS Feeder Pillar
PDM Panel Fire Panels
Soft Starter Panels MDB, PDB Panels
LT Bus bar Duct Trucking Push Button Station
PLC Based  Process Automation & Instrumentation Panel Pneumatic, generator, crane control panels
Relay Control Panel Junction Box
A & M Synchronizing Panel &
DG Synchronizing Panels
Supply, Manfacturing and erection of Poles & flood light towers
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      Our extensive and highly usable range of control panelsincludes Main L.T. panel that is available in compartmentalized

      constructions &with IP54 Production. It consists of incoming ACB or MCCB and outgoings MCCB'S or SDFU'S as per the requirement of       the customer.
      Main L.T. Panel comprises of incoming ACB/MCCB and outgoings MCCB'S/SDFU'S as per customers requirement.The panel is
      compartmentalised in construction and with IP54 Protection.
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Power Control Centers (PCC PANELS - Drawout & Fixed type)

      We are engaged in manufacturing of power control centers from the best raw materials. These can be availed by our customers

      having the following general features:

      Panels will be suitable for 415 ± 6% volt, 3 phase (4 W + E) 50 HZ AC supply
      They will be installed indoors and will work efficiently up to an ambient temperature of 50°C
      All doors will be suitably labeled and marked for convenience of operation & maintenance.

    Construction :-

      Modular design
      Free standing
      Floor mounting type using 2.0/1.6 mm CRCA sheet. 

      The complete structure shall be rigid, self supporting & free from twists and bends. The panels will be totally dust and vermin

      proof. They will have fixed or draw out type executions as many be desired.
      The entire panel will undergo pretreatment covering decreasing, water rinsing & de-rusting/ phosphating. It will be synthetic enamel       painted   or powder coated as per requirements.
    Bus Bars & Internal Wiring:-
      Uniform cross section copper Bus Bars (current density 1.39 amps/sq mm.) supported by SMC /DMC bases will be employed through out       the length of the panel. Internal wiring be carried out with 11000/650 volt grade PVC insulated stranded conductor wire. All joints will be       solidly crimped using copper thimbles Earthing Bus Bars will be running all along the board.
    Switch gears/ Components:-
      Along with the formal offer, the GA drawing and the bill of material will be submitted specifying the makes & capacities of all the material to       be used in the panel.
      Ours Panels conform to the standards such as, IS 4237; IS 8623; IS 375
    Switch gears/ Components:-

      Along with the formal offer, the GA drawing and the bill of material will be submitted specifying the makes & capacities of all the material to       be used in the panel.

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Motor Control Centers (MCC PANELS - Drawout & Fixed type)
      Our company is engaged in designing and manufacturing of Motor Control Centers or MCC that have the capacity to fedd larger loads.       These can also be availed with multiple power stabs that help in supporting high capacity industrial motors. Our
      specialization lies in manufacturing these MCC's as per the specifications provided by the customers at industry leading prices. These       MCC units comprise:
      Full voltage non-reversing and full voltage reversing starters
  • AC variable frequency drives
  • PLC I/O chassis
  • Solid-state motor controllers
  • Lighting panels
  • Transformers
  • Analog or digital metering
  • Feeder circuit breakers
  • Feeder fusible disconnects
     Technical Specifications:-
  • Operational Current: 32A to 1600A
  • Ambient Temperature: 40.50 degree Celsius in single and double front
  • Withstand Capacity: 16KA to 100 KA
  • Degree of Protection: As per IS Standards
  • Types of Starters Include: Automatic Star Delta, Direct On-line, Soft Starters, Varied Frequency Drives, Stator Rotor Starters and Auto Transformer Starters
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Automatic Power Factor Correction Capacitor Panels (APFC PANELS )

      It is installed at the induction load areas where the power factor comes down. Generally installed at Factories, Big Offices, etc.
  • Models & Amps/ Kva Rates: Upto 800 Kvar
  • World advanced Microcontroller Technology is used
  • Auto/Manual selector is available
  • Kvar by Kvar selectable system
  • Stage on LED indications are available
  • Stage to stage capacitor boosting & reconnection intervals; 20 secs delay
  • Panel mountable, serviceable
  • Fully enclosed wall mountable
  • Working temperature up to 55 degree celcius
  • Cable entry: Bottom (top optional)
  • Incoming control and total protection of panel with 3pole/ MCCB
  • Soft relay operation of capacitor –boosting help for smooth power factor
  • Management & avoid sound and disturbances
  • Power & control wiring: by copper multi strand ISI wire
  • Capacitor bank rating: 440v/according to your load required KVAR
  • For standard safety on Capacitor efficiency losses, Hunting etc., IEC (International Electric Code) Standards
    Higher, Healthy PF maintaining (between 0.94-0.99) brings
  • Good quality & Healthy run of your induction load(Motors , Air conditioners, compressors, chokes, etc
  • It adds life to your, A/C, Tube lights, Compressors, Motor & other loads
  • Off course, great escapes from the penalty from the electricity Board
  • Chance of getting good incentive from the electricity Board
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Auto Mains Failure Panel (AMF PANELS )

      We are a well known company engaged in designing and manufacturing of AMF (Auto Mains Failure) Panels that are applicable for       managing DG sets. Our panels come with in-built safety features for protecting the Engine & alternator. The range of our AMF panels are       manufactured upto 1250 KVA and are fabricated from 16 SWG thickness, high grade CRCA sheet steel. The use of quality material has       made our panels dust &vermin proof. Powder coated for longer life and meticulously wired.
      A power circuit consisting of contactor, MCB and fuses.
      Automatic start/stop of the genset in case of AC mains failure and its restoration respectively.
      Manual start/stop facility also provided.
  • Mains Failure: 3-attempt engine cranking after mains failure otherwise the engine fails to start. Engine starts-up within 10 sec of mains failure otherwise 2 more start pulses after every 10-15 seconds.
  • Unhealthy Mains: Any of the phase failure or voltage drops below set value.
  • Mains Restoration: Engine keeps running for 30 seconds before stopping, as recommended by the Engine manufacturer.
  • One Ammeter with CTs selector switch, one frequency meter, one voltmeter with selector switch and one hour meter.
    Set of indications:-
  • Load on DG
  • Load on mains
  • Fault indications
  • LLOP
  • High water temp/high cylinder head temp
  • Overload
    Set of Push Buttons:-
  • Engine start/stop
  • Alarm acknowledge button for hooter
  • Reset button for fault indication
  • High water temperature
  • LLOP
  • Overload trip
    Battery Charger:-
      A separate battery charger for continuous charging of batteries in trickle/boost mode to ensure prompt starting of the engine.
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Relay Control Panel (R.C. Panel) complete with all CT, PT and other accessories
      Custom Built relay control panels are used in large industries and malls. These panels are used in critical applications where consistency       of power supply is a must.
      Relay and Control panels helps in:
          1) Motor Protection
          2) Transformer Protection
          3) Overhead Transmission Line Protection
          4) Line Cable Protection
          5) CB Control Panels
          6) Annunciation
          7) Synchronizing Panels
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MV/HV Panels

       We offer a wide range of HV & MV panels with high quality switch gears. These are automatic power factor correction panel with high        quality components and intelligent model relay. We provide thyristor-based APFC panels and power factor correction for:
  • Welding machine application
  • Switch boards
  • Distribution boards
  • Machine control panels for all type of machines
  • Control panels for printing machinery, textile machineries like blow room, fly frame, carding, spinning and cone winders
  • PLC based panels for all machines with latest automation systems.
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Change Over Panel

      We manufacture an exclusive range of change over panels that serve the requirement of various industries. These are used for changing       over from dige set to mains and vice versa.
      The change over panels has the castle lock facility that prevents from accidental change over. These
      can take up to 415V and are provided with IP54 protection and fabricated as per IS standard.
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Feeder Pillars
      We are engaged in manufacturing of Feeder Pillars that have a specified standard of protection IP:55. These pillars are perfect
      for outdoor use and are widely applicable in different non-industry and industrial applications. Our specialization lies in designing
      the pillars as per the specific requirements of the customers. We are achieving accurate results in our
      production by mixing variety of resources in our manufacturing process. These feeder pillars are extensively used in:
  • Hotels
  • Residential Complexes
  • Township
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LT Bus Duct & Rising Mains, Double Bus Bar Panels

      Presenting a range of Bus Ducts and Rising  Mains that are available upto 4000 A, which can be operated with less than 35 degree       Celsius Temperature Rise over an Ambient of 40 degree Celsius. Their short circuit withstands capacity falls at 50kA. The non-segregated       Bus Ducts with inter leaving design are aptly designed for indoor and outdoor installation with IP: 55 degree of protection. All our bus duct       systems are type tested. ENTRACO is major exporter of bus duct system & its complete solution with Erection & Commissioning services

      We are pioneer in Design, Engineering & Manufacturer of various types of Bus Ducts and Bus Trunking Systems like:
  • Phase segregated & non segregated metal enclosed bus duct
  • Super compact
  • Sandwich type bus duct
  • Super compact, resin cast IP 68 bus duct
  • Canallies system for lighting & low power distribution ranging from 40 Amp. to 120 Amp.
      Recent introduction of canalized bus duct:
  • A complete bus duct & bus trunking system range is offered by ENTRACO with complete end to end design, engineering & erection services.
  • Metal enclosed (CRCA / Aluminium sheet) air insulated LV bus duct 1000 V ranging from 1000 Amp. to 6000 Amp.
  • HV bus duct – 11 kV / 22 kV / 33 kV – metal enclosed, segregated phase and non-segregated phase bus duct system ranging from 600 Amp. to 4000 Amp.
  • Super compact, IP 68, resin cast bus duct from BKS stromschienen Ag , Switzerland as their exclusive authorised representative for india & Sub- continent region for sandwich bus duct ranging from 100 Amp. to 4000 Amp.
    • Can-allies system for lighting & low power distribution ranging from 40 Amp. to 120 Amp.
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PLC Based Process Automation Panel

      We offer high precision PLC panels for global giant like Siemens PLC (S7-300), MMI with ALTIWAR drive for filter press

      applications. This press can be operated from local/remote and auto/manual modes. Our PLC system communicates with
      various instruments like temperature indicating controllers, pressure indicating controllers, sensors etc.
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Auto and Manual Synchronizing Panel , DG Synchronizing Panels
      We manufacture premium quality of Load Sharing and Synchronizing Panels that are made from high quality raw materials. These panels       synchronize the different DG sets as per the load requirement of the system and if the load increases, it switches on the other DG sets one       by one and synchronizes with the system automatically through PLT (Panel Logic Control) and when the load decreases below the       desired level, it automatically disconnects the DG sets one by one and switches off as per the load requirement.
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SCADA based PLC Panels


      Our SCADA based panels are widely used for power monitoring and management that widely cater to the requirements of power control in       various industries.

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PLC & Drives based HVAC Control Panels

      We offer high performance, low noise drive and PLC control panels that are high in performance and long lasting in nature. Our control       panels are capable of giving higher output and consume less power. Compact in design, these drives and PLC control panels are largely       used in the global arena. These panels are available upto 200 drives.

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Control Panel For ETP

      We manufacture high on performance control panels for Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP), specially designed for monitoring & controlling       industrial effluents. The control panel comprises of power control modules that supply and monitor electric power to the treatment plant.

      We have developed Control Panel for Effluent Treatment Plant for our customer know as Ionex engineers.
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      We are one-stop platform that offers different types of control panels for various purposes. Highly reliable and safe to use, our exclusive       range includes well-constructed Fire Panels that are specifically designed for handling fire cases. It is a central control device that is used       for identifying, reporting and acting in case of fire occurrence within a building.

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Power Distribution/Management Panels
      The range of our power distribution panels are mainly used to distribute direct current or DC power from one supply to other devices.       These type of distribution panels monitor and protect DC systems and serves as an effective power distribution system. Our power       distribution panels are applicable in:
  • Shorted output device
  • Heater current indication
  • Loop break alarms
  • Heater break alarms
  • Airport
  • Stadiums
  • Convention centuries
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      These Panels are manufactured using soft starters for various ratings of Motors to achieve optimal level of power consumption and linear

      acceleration and deacceleration for pumps/motors.

      We are specialized in the designing & developing of soft starter panels that use soft starters for different ratings of motors.
      This is helpful in achieving optimal level of power consumption and linear acceleration as well as de-acceleration for pumps &
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      With auto-manual options, we offer a wide range of customized control Desks panels. The control desks are used to control the operation
      of individual machinery or plants. Our range of Control Desks are designed as per international rules and norms and are customized as       per clients requirements.


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AC single & double front) / DC (floor &wall mounted) Distribution Board

      Manufacturing of  distribution Boards that are engineered and manufactured to exceed the latest standards and the numerous features       make these boards extremely user and installer friendly. Their durable white finish gives an aesthetic appeal and assist wiring in dimly lit       areas. Their enclosure comes complete with bus bars, removable sub plate, covers, neutral & earth terminals and labelling.

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Push Button Station


      We manufacture push button station & junction box and location control stations. All the motors, instruments are operated

      from push button station.
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Pneumatic, Generator, Crane, Boiler Control panels


      This scanner monitors, displays, annunciates and trips up to 8/12 temperature. It is enhanced with a micro controller that offers key

      board programming. Some of its features are as follows:
  • Linearized indication
  • Digital calibration
  • Compact size
  • RISC type micro controller
  • Optional input pt-100 RTD/K type thermocouple
  • Indicate & controls temperature of eight different temperature zone
  • Two alarm with hysteresis for individual channel
  • Low Alarm Set Point
  • Hysteresis according to application requirement
  • RS232/ RS485 communication port
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Junction Box

     We are the leading suppliers of junction boxes which are reliable and durable and are constructed using high quality raw

       materials like stainless steel (SS 304/316), fiber glass reinforced polyster, cast aluminium LM 6 alloy and CRCA/MS.
       Internal Mounting Plate is provided to mount the DIN rail to mount Terminal Blocks, MCBs, etc. and are available in the following types:
  • Multiway Junction Box
  • Multiway Distribution Junction Box
      The technical specifications of junction box are as follows:
  • The ingress protection of the Junction Boxes shall be from IP46 to IP 66.
  • Designed to IP65 of IEC529 and NEMA 4 specifications
  • Earth Stud will be provided as a standard pratice.
  • Dimension of the boxes are designed as per the specification requirements incorporating the no. of. Terminals, Size of the
    Terminals and the Incoming / Out-going Cable Sizes.
  • Junction Box Body and the Cover are fastened by captive lid screws in Stainless Steel
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    Automatic Phase Changer & Changeover
     Installed at Residents, Small Offices where Single Phase Equipments are used. During Phase failure, this unit automatically      take the       available Phase Lines and Distribute to the non-avialable phase lines.
     Models & Amps/ Kva Rates:-

      30 Amps, 40A, 60A, 120A, 180A, 300Amps.

  • Automatically changes the available phase lines to the non –available phase lines. Certified by CETL-Govt. of Tamilnadu
  • Restore to the actual lines when the failure lines are restored
  • Cut off at Low Voltage and changes to the next lines; Changes in milliseconds
  • Phase changer cum changeover model with auto switch off the generator (VTSL Model); Phase Changer with DistributionBoard Models also available
  • Building Promoters
  • Builders
  • Electrical Contractors and many Residents & 600 other dealers
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Automatic Power Control Products
  • Remote Start and Stop Control for Generators
  • Wireless Remote Start and Stop Control for Generators.
  • Engine-Auto Start & Stop Control against Pressure Switch
  • Battery Charger with Over Voltage Cut-off
  • SCR - Controlled, Variable Voltage - Battery Charger
  • 4st Switch
  • Choke Solenoid (for Pulling or Pressing the Lever)
  • DC Stop Solenoid (For Diesel Generators)
  • Automatic Power Factor Controller Panel for Welding Machine
  • Automatic Power Factor Controller Panel for Lifts or Elevators
  • Single Phasing Preventer: To Switch OFF the Motor during single Phasing, reverse sequence & under voltage (with Auto Restart).
  • Soft Start Motor Controller:It maintains the same current consuming, when the motor is starting & running & it will not make any jurk on starting. Slow in speed & the rates of speed & current are variable & selectable
  • Current Limit Switch
    • Auto Current Limit Control-total of 3 Phases or 1 Phase Gen. Supply
    • Temporary Auto Cut-off, if Over load with 2 or 3 times of Auto reset system
    • Manual Reset System
  • High / Low Voltage Protector
  • Maximum Demand Tripper (to avoid over load consumption)
  • Dual Main A/c Power Manager
  • Variable Voltage Selector
  • Variable Current Selector
  • Variable Frequency Selector
  • Variable Speed Selector
  • Current Management & Controler Switch
  • Unbalanced Voltage / Current Announciator
  • Multi Generators Management Panels
  • Centalized Voltage Stabilizer
  • Periodical Timer Controllers
  • AC/DC Drive Panel
  • Any Auto control product/ panels can also be designed as per requirements
  • PLC Based Control panels
  • PLC Programming
  • Industrial Automation Service
  • Relay Based Control Panel Manufacturers
      CNC based Control Panel Manufacturers
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  Neutral Failure Circuit Breaker

      Used at Flats, Residence, Offices, Buildings & Factories. This protects a Single Phase Equipment and Wirings from Neutral Failure, High       Voltage, Phase to Phase Current, 440V, etc.

    Models & Amps/ Kva Rates:-
      30 Amps, 40A, 60A, 80A, 100A, 150A, 200A, 250A, 300A, 350A, 400A, 450A, upto 630 Amps.
  • World advanced Micro Process Controller Technology is used
  • Automatically cut off the Main A/c, when sudden high voltage, 440V, Phase-to-Phase or phase –in- Neutral
  • High Voltage Cut off at 295V(L&N) is also available
  • Avoids fire and damages to the Single Phase electrical appliances and wiring
  • Current Sensing devices like ELCB, MCB and Fuse Carriers will NOT trip off during the Neutral failure
  • Certified by ETDC (Electronic Test & Development Center) GOVT. of India
    What happens when the Neutral is Failed :
  • If Neutral fails, phase will return to the Neutral wire and due to this, phase
    will pass through the entire Neutral wirings , which gets high voltage (ie) above 380V. So that all the Single Phase Appliance will receive Phase 1 & Phase 2 instead of Phase & Neutral. i.e., 220V + 220V = 440V. i.e., Phase to Phase
  • When Neutral fails at the balance or unbalanced load condition, using Micro Controller Technology, our NFCB will sense the return phase and it will trip the Power to the load
  • Even if high voltage occurs, in any phase line, load will be tripped off
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   Phase Sequence Corrector


      RYB phase sequence corrector installed at three phase UPS, three phase Air Conditioners & Sensitive Three Phase equipments.

     Models & Amps/ Kva Rates:-
      30 Amps, 40A, 60A, 100A, 125A, 150A, 200A, 250A, 300A, 400A, 450A, Upto 630 Amps.
  • Corrects the RYB Phase Sequence, whenever the sequence is changed or reversed
  • For Three Phase UPS, during sequence changed or reversed, UPS will start use the battery power & Battery may become empty within half or one hour. So the entire operations and server failure shall be happened
  • The Same way 3Ph. Air Conditioner will be tripped off, due to sequence reversal & the entire office will be suffering or disturbed because of AC. Failure.
  • Avoid damages during Phase sequence changes or reversal
  • The Sequence Corrector will switch off, during the single phasing or imbalance voltage occur & later, Auto-reset after restoration
  • No break downs of lifts, Machineries, UPS, 3 Ph. Air conditioner or any motors or
    3-phase system due to the change in sequence
  • Certified by ETDC (Electronic Test & Development Center) Govt. of India
  • ICICI Banks
  • Indian Oil Corporation
  • Air Force
  • Defence and many more Leading Companies, Showrooms, etc.
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    Servo Voltage Stabilizer
      To give the constant Voltage to the CNC Machines or any other load, factories and Offices, etc.
     Models & Amps/ Kva Rates:-
      Upto 200 Kva. It starts from 1 Kva. The Voltage ranges are 170-270, 140-270, 360-470, 295-470 and many more.

Input Frequency Range

47 Hz to 53 Hz

Average correction rate

35V per sec per phase

Waveform distortion introduced by regulator


Effect of load power factor on output voltage


Output Voltage indication

Analog Voltmeter with 1 V

Servo motor drive

AC Synchronous stepper motor

Under/over voltage protection

with graded time delay

LED’s Indications

Input, output, cut-off

Resetting mode

Automatic restart.

Auto/Manual Selector Switch


Bypass Switch

Should be installed separately



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Manfacturing and erection of Street Light Poles & High Mast
      We are engaged in the manufacturing of a wide range of lighting poles depending upon the specification provided to us by our clients. The       scope and applications of our lighting poles are follows:          
  • Industrial Roads
  • Commercial Roads
  • Highways                                                    
  • Industrial Building
  • Commercial buildings
  • Industrial accommodation campuses
  • Yards

      We can capably produce stepped tubular poles and octagonal poles depending upon the requirement the project. The following       Construction features are implemented in the manufacturing process of lightning poles:

  • Steel Tubular Poles
  • Galvanizing to Standards IS4759/BS729/BSENISO1461
  • Designed and manufactured calculating wind velocity as per IS-875
  • Poles are swaged, properly welded and tested as per Indian standard IS-2713-1980.

      The product has certain salient features such as corrosion resistant, Dent free, Clean and Smooth surface and Internal junction box on       each pole. The product is tested on following parameters:

  • Tensile test
  • Chemical analysis
  • Deflection test
  • Permanent set test
  • Drop test

     As per customer’s requirements, the product can be provided with following types of pole brackets such as:  Single straight,      double straight, single arch, double arch, other type of fabricated bracket

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   Engineering Services What we Offer :

      We execute the following engineering services for our esteemed clients: 

  • Consultancy for electrical and instrumentation projects
  • Electrical drawing work on Auto Cad
  • Process & instrument diagrams
  • PLC diagrams
  • Auditing of electrical installation for energy conservation/saving & improving quality of equipments power supply
  • Annual maintenance contract of electrical installation
  • Electrical & mechanical inspection and follow up with suppliers
  • Erection & commissioning of LV switchgear and control gears
  • Electrical installation of cables, GI Cable Trays, earth and natural pits.